Jonathan Ross and daughter Holly launch new podcast Reel Talk

Movie mad father and daughter duo, Jonathan and Honey Ross are launching a new podcast on Global Player.

Honey is a writer and producer, while her dad Jonathan is one of the UK’s best-known broadcasters, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of cinema.

Reel Talk will see the pair taking a deep dive into the world of film, saying it just how it is. Honey and Jonathan will discuss everything from new cinema releases to binge-worthy TV series and movies.

Honey Ross said: “Some of my most treasured memories are of being cosy on the couch with mum and dad, escaping into their favourite worlds of cinema.” 

Jonathan Ross added: “Now that Honey is an actual grown-up human, with a thriving writing career in film and TV, it’s a treat to have her return the favour and introduce me to a whole bunch of new films and tv shows I might otherwise overlook.

“To have the chance to do this podcast together and share our combined passion for great movies and our amazement at the handful of truly awful ones that get made, as well as enjoy some quality time together catching up as a father and daughter to share our differing views of the world, is a real privilege.

“We’ve always been a movie-mad family, bonding over our love of the films we cherish, and occasionally having humorously heated disagreements over the relative virtues of, for example, Jason Statham versus Ryan Gosling.

“Movie nights are a cherished family event, and our love of watching new movies is only equalled by our love of forensically dissecting them, praising them, pulling them apart and putting them back together in long, sometimes heated, but always joyful movie chats that followed.”

Reel Talk will be available to listen on Global Player and all major podcast platforms weekly from 23 October with new episodes every Monday.

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