LBC launches new original podcast Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women

LBC is launching Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women, a new podcast series hosted by journalist and LBC presenter Rachel Johnson.

Inspired by Ken Clarke’s “bloody difficult woman” phrase about Theresa May, Rachel explores what it means to be seen as ‘difficult’ by speaking to some of the UK’s most influential and challenging women, history-makers and game-changers who’ve shaped the world around them.

In the interviews, Rachel finds out what has driven them to challenge the norm and break down barriers through their work in politics, journalism, literature and activism.

Guests include former President of the Supreme Court Baroness Brenda Hale; journalist, broadcaster and Labour peer Baroness Joan Bakewell; author, broadcaster and former Conservative MP Edwina Currie; Royal expert and Associate Editor of the Daily Telegraph Camilla Tominey; Labour Party MP Dame Margaret Beckett; and veteran of Westminster wars, the journalist and Robert Maxwell survivor, Julia Langdon.

Rachel said: “I know podcasts are like babies – everyone thinks theirs is the most beautiful baby the world has ever seen – but I couldn’t be more thrilled to deliver this landmark podcast series for LBC, where I have a proper sit down with provocative, entertaining, political women of significance.”

Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women is available on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts, from 19 April, with new episodes every Monday.

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