Misheard lyrics on Till Death Do Us Pod

In the final episode of the fifth series of Till Death Do Us Pod, husband and wife podcasting duo Tova & Mike Leigh reveal their favourite, funny misheard song lyrics.

It’s been a popular trend on TikTok recently, but Tova & Mike were quick to point out why it was already a subject close to their hearts, looking back on the early days of their relationship.

Mike says: “This misheard song lyrics subject is very dear to your heart and very dear to my heart, because you told me when we first started courting very early on that there were three songs, and every time I hear them, I can only think of you and how ridiculous you were to get them wrong.”

Tova responds: “I used to sing The Bangles’ Manic Monday as It’s just another man Nick Monday. It’s just another man, not a woman, his name is Nick… last name Monday. Honest to god, that’s what I thought. It changes the whole meaning of the song, I was really crushed when I realised there is no man called Nick Monday!”

Other examples include Tova mistaking Elton John’s Tiny Dancer as referring to the one-time US actor and star of Taxi Tony Danza and TLC’s Don’t go chasing waterfalls as Don’t go Jason Waterfalls, thinking it’s a man called Jason Waterfalls!

Mike jokes: “So you’ve got a man called Nick Monday, Jason Waterfalls and Tony Danza. That’s a dinner party, isn’t it?!”

You can hear more of their misheard lyrics in the final episode of this season’s Till Death Do Us Pod, available on Apple, Spotify, Google and Youtube.

The couple will return for a sixth series of the popular podcast in the autumn.

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