New BBC Sounds podcast Aberfan tells the story of the 1966 disaster

Aberfan: Tip Number Seven is a new podcast from BBC Sounds which tells the story of one of Wales’s worst disasters and the decades of injustice that followed.

On Friday morning 21 October 1966, 116 children and 28 adults were killed when, high above the south Wales mining village of Aberfan, a coal waste tip surged down the mountainside, engulfing Pantglas Junior School and surrounding houses.

This nine-part podcast series hears from the children who survived, along with bereaved parents and siblings, joining rescuers as they tell their stories, in their own words. It reveals the desperate search for survivors on the day, to their long and bitter battles for justice and compensation over the decades that followed.

The series explores how and why this avoidable tragedy happened; how the community found the spirit to fight against the Establishment, despite all they had been through – and why, to this day, no-one has been held accountable for what happened.

The first two episodes are now available on BBC Sounds, with the next seven episodes available weekly every Wednesday.

Colin Paterson, BBC Sounds Lead for BBC Wales says: “The story of the Aberfan disaster will be familiar to everyone in Wales and beyond.

“This podcast places a particular focus on the injustices which led to the events of 1966, as well as the fight for justice afterwards. Local voices are at the centre of the podcast, and we hope it does justice to their stories and those who were lost.”

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