New podcast looks at rise of illegal market for flavoured nicotine vapes

Audible has launched Backfired, a new Original podcast series from Prologue Projects about the business of unintended consequences.

The first season, Backfired: The Vaping Wars, is a nine-episode podcast hosted by journalists Leon Neyfakh and Arielle Pardes about the polarising story of Juul, the emergence of a massive illegal market for flavoured nicotine vapes, and the debate over vaping within the world of public health.

When the founders of Juul, two graduate students at Stanford, set out to create a cigarette that wouldn’t kill them, they didn’t foresee what lay in store.

More than a decade later, the podcast looks back and investigates whether their invention provided the answer to one of the world’s most pressing public health problems—smoking—or if all it did was introduce a whole new generation to nicotine.

Neyfakh and Pardes present a definitive account of the story behind Juul—complete with the first interview co-founder James Monsees has given since leaving the company. They also dive into the illegal vape market that has sprouted up in Juul’s wake.

Backfired: The Vaping Wars is available now on Audible.

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