Rapper AJ Tracey appears on The BRITs podcast The Red Carpet Treatment

AJ Tracey is the guest in the third season’s final episode of The BRITs official podcast, The Red Carpet Treatment.

AJ talks to host Jordan Stephens about his upcoming music, what music he grew up listening to with his DJ mum and performing at Glastonbury.

Although he does worry, AJ says he doesn’t about whether people like his music or not because he thinks it’s good quality.

“I worry more about if I’m doing the right thing by following my artistry, rather than complying to the masses and just putting music out every week. I know I am doing the right thing but as a human obviously, I still think, oh, maybe I should be doing that,” he admits.

His second album Flu Game is basketball themed, and he says it’s a concept album but doesn’t think the UK rap scene is ready for concept albums.

“I just look back on it and think that’s sick that I had the balls to do that, rather than just doing what everyone else does.”

AJ also talks about growing up with his mum’s music: “My mum’s a DJ, she used to play garage and jungle all the time. So, I grew up on them kind of drum patterns and that kind of music – that’s authentic to me. That’s not me trying to make anything commercial. That’s what I grew up on,” he reveals.

Talking about performing at Glastonbury, AJ says: “That’s a once in a lifetime experience. Every time I get certified for a gold record or a platinum record; I’m as excited as the first time it happened, because it’s a blessing. And where we come from, this is not regular.

“When I was a little kid rapping my little bars behind West Block in Holland Park School, I never thought that I’d be on the Pyramid Stage with a live band. You’ve got to live in the moment, enjoy it and give people your best performance.”

The podcast hears him talking about performing with Gorillaz as a child and because he wanted to stand out on stage, told his mum he wanted a pink tracksuit.

There’s also the story of his weirdest gig experience which happened in the green room at a venue in Amsterdam.

The Red Carpet Treatment featuring AJ Tracey is released today, 13 June on all podcast platforms and the video version can be watched on The BRITs’ YouTube channel.

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