Rick Edwards & Dr Michael Brooks launch brand-new ‘Eureka!’ podcast

Presenter Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks are tackling the universe’s most puzzling questions in brand-new podcast Eureka!, launching next Wednesday, 16 March.

Long-time friends and collaborators, Rick is a science enthusiast (with a degree in Natural Sciences) and Dr Michael Brooks is an actual real-life scientist (with a PhD in quantum physics). The pair are bringing their curiosity and renowned chemistry to this series and tackling questions, including:

Are face transplants the future of cosmetic surgery?

Does it matter if you can’t do maths?

What makes a psychopath?

Should we fear an alien invasion?

Could we live without blood?

Will we ever talk to animals?

Each week, Rick and Dr Michael will be joined by a world-leading expert on each topic to go on a journey of scientific discovery and find surprising answers.

eureka getting under the skin of science

This is a podcast for curious minds or anyone looking for mind-blowing facts to impress their mates in the pub… No science GCSEs are required here! The pair always break down the science and do away with the jargon, keeping things accessible. Each episode is a balance of wild questions, surprising science and hilarious anecdotes.

From AI robot takeovers to talking animals, Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks will get under the skin of science (in a good way).

Eureka! with Rick Edwards and Dr Michael Brooks is a Stak production, available on all major podcast providers from Wednesday, 16 March.

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