Shocking real-life CBC original podcast series Come By Chance launches

Come By Chance is a folklore-esque tale about what it means to belong in a family, how fate can change the course of our lives and the way that stories move through communities.

It’s about finding out one day that you were meant to be born into a completely different family. What would that look like, and how would it have shaped you?

Hosted by Newfoundlander Luke Quinton, the series is set on the atmospheric island and lifts the lid on the scandal that shocked the people of this tight knit community nearly a decade ago.

When two men, who were born in the Come By Chance hospital on the same day, discover an unbelievable 52-year-old secret, it changes the way they see themselves forever.

However, the men at the heart of the story are not alone as they discover that there have been a series of other close calls and near misses, both at Come By Chance Hospital and elsewhere.

CBC commissioned Novel to produce the series, with the Canadian public broadcaster acting as creator and distributor. The show also features an original soundtrack by Newfoundland composer Adam Foran which will later be released as a full album.

Luke Quinton said: “Some of the stories featured in our show had made the news before, but with Come By Chance, we went more in depth. That’s the nature of a seven-part series – the level of detail we were asking for was far greater, and we’re appreciative of our cast for confiding in us.

“As a Newfoundlander myself, it was important to me and the wider production team to represent our home appropriately. The island is steeped in myth; it basically has its own sense of gravity. It’s a character unto itself.

“The rhythms of life, the people, the figures of speech, even the weather: they seep into any story here. We’ve tried to convey that within the show, and we’re excited for listeners to immerse themselves in our corner of the world.”

Craig Strachan, CEO at Novel added: “We’re honoured to have been trusted to tell this story. The experiences of Craig and Clarence, as well as everyone else who features on the show, are astonishing.

“We hope that our audience will enjoy losing themselves in Come By Chance as much as our collective project team did whilst making it.”

The first three episodes of seven are available to listen now.

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