What podcasters and advertisers need to know about Dalvik

If you keep a keen eye on your podcast stats, then you’re likely to have seen some changes to your numbers over the past couple of weeks.

Perhaps they had a massive spike, and maybe you have seen them dip again?

It’s likely due to an issue with a version of the Samsung Free media software, which uses some code called “Dalvik”, which created additional downloads that should never have been recognised.

At the end of November Acast announced that it had demonetised any podcast downloads coming from the Dalvik software, affecting revenue for podcasters using their platform.  Shortly after, Podtrac announced that it would be removing these downloads from it’s ranking tools for November.

Voiceworks Operations Director, Andrea Day has demystified what all this means for podcasters and podcast advertisers.  She also details and how Voiceworks have decided to recalculate downloads and advertiser impressions for their own Sport Social Podcast Network podcasters and advertisers.

You can read the useful Voiceworks blog post or listen to the explanation in their podcast, Voiceworks: Sound Business Podcast episode.

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