Wondery launches Shea Serrano & Jason Concepcion’s Six Trophies podcast

Wondery is reuniting Shea Serrano and Jason Concepcion for their brand-new weekly NBA pop culture podcast series, Six Trophies.

Shea and Jason will go through all the NBA news from the past week and hand out six pop culture-themed trophies to six basketball-related activities.

The pair will honour the most magical and messy moments from the NBA and beyond by handing out awards like “The Step Brothers Catalina Wine Mixer” trophy for the matchup they’re most excited about, or “The Liam Neeson ‘I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills’” trophy given to an aging player who proves they’ve still got it.

Shea Serrano has written four New York Times bestsellers, one of which was turned into a docuseries for AMC, another of which was chosen by President Barack Obama as one of his favourite books of the year. He also created a TV show for Amazon, co-created a TV show for Netflix, and co-written a feature film for Hulu.

Jason Concepcion is a writer and host who co-created and hosted the Emmy-award winning digital series NBA Desktop and was the co-host of the hit podcast Binge Mode with Mallory Rubin. He’s the co-host of the X-Ray Vision podcast, and he’s a writer on the critically acclaimed Amazon TV show Primo.

Six Trophies with Jason Concepcion and Shea Serrano launches today, Wednesday 11 October.

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