BAFTA winning Big Zuu’s Big Eats TV chefs Tubsey & Hyder launch new podcast

The two rising stars, best known for completing the on-screen trio with Big Zuu for the BAFTA-winning Big Zuu’s Big Eats, launch their new podcast, The World According to Tubsey and Hyder, on Wednesday 7 September.

Tubsey and Hyder will be welcoming their celebrity mates such as rappers AJ Tracey, Capo Lee and D7 to their North London home, which they share with Big Zuu. They’ll discuss three things they’ve thought about that week – anything from Sir Alex Ferguson to German Shepherds, or what they had for breakfast.

Tubsey who was born in Iran and Hyder, born in Kurdistan, both moved to the UK at a very young age where they eventually met each other, along with Big Zuu at secondary school in West London.

The trio have achieved tremendous success over the last few years, including a BAFTA award under their belt and have helped to shape better representation on screen.

The podcast will also be a platform providing a voice for their community, as Tubsey and Hyder listen to their followers and speak about what really matters to them – from the cost of living to tube strikes, they will be giving their unique views on what’s happening in the current climate. 

Hyder said: “We’re so excited to announce our new podcast and start building our own lane. I’ve known Tubsey since 11 years old and bonded in school over our love of food. We have a love/hate relationship, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I can’t wait to just sit down our mates for some great chats with no holding back.”

Tubsey added: “This podcast is a great opportunity to shed light on things that we really care about and resonate with people from similar backgrounds to us. We look forward to showing the world what we are all about, from my love of learning random facts to Hyder’s obsession of football. Once we get started, you’ll know what we’re on about.”

Episodes of The World According To Tubsey & Hyder will be released every Wednesday from 7 September and available on all major podcast providers.

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