BBC season, Rolling Stones at 60 includes new Radio 2 podcast for BBC Sounds

The BBC is to celebrate 60 years of The Rolling Stones with a season of programming across television, radio and digital platforms, which includes a new Radio 2 podcast for BBC Sounds.

Can’t Get Enough of the Rolling Stones, is a four-part series chronicling the life of each member of the group, presented by friend of the Stones, Lulu, and Stones fanatic, Ricky Wilson.

It goes live on BBC Sounds on Sat 2 July alongside the BBC iPlayer box set series, concerts and documentaries in the BBC season, Rolling Stones at 60.

Each episode will features a different member of the band:

Can’t Get Enough of The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger
This episode sees Lulu and Ricky Wilson talking about the charismatic frontman Mick Jagger. They are joined by lead singer of ACDC Brian Johnson to compare frontman notes (he has also opened for The Stones) and Twiggy discusses their sartorial impact.

Can’t Get Enough of The Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts
In this podcast Lulu and Ricky Wilson celebrate the very much missed, incredible drummer Charlie Watts. They are joined by his childhood friend and jazz bassist Dave Green to talk about discovering jazz together and playing with Charlie in their jazz quintet.

Can’t Get Enough of The Rolling Stones: Keith Richards
Lulu and Ricky turn their attention to the original rock guitarist, the iconic Keith Richards. They are joined by singer songwriter, guitarist and massive fan of Keith Richards (and The Rolling Stones), James Bay. He talks about why he was so influenced by Keith and what it was like opening for The Rolling Stones and meeting his heroes.

Can’t Get Enough of The Rolling Stones: Ronnie Wood
This episode is about the ever funny, charming and talented Ronnie Wood. Lulu and Ricky Wilson are joined by Kenney Jones to talk about the early days of playing with Ronnie. Kenney is best known as the drummer with Small Faces, Faces and The Who, he is good friends with Ronnie Wood and spent a lot of time at The Wick, Ronnie’s house and studio in Richmond.

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