Colgate signs first UK podcast ad campaign with The Diary of a CEO

Colgate has launched its first-ever UK podcast advertising campaign with Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO.

In a deal coordinated through Colgate’s media agency, Wavemaker UK and Adelicious, the collaboration is a part of the brand’s strategy to diversify its reach to consumers in a more diverse way.

Colgate has teamed up with the podcast because of its significant influence, attracting a demographically balanced audience of millions each week who prioritise self-improvement and health.

The six-month campaign will position Colgate Total as the superior toothpaste for preventing oral care issues and also introduce the brand’s latest product, Colgate Total Plaque Pro-Release.

Host reads from Steven about Colgate Total will appear across various segments of each show, highlighting brand benefits together with his own personal endorsement.

 Rob Marcus, Head of Marketing Northern Europe at Colgate, said: “Partnering Colgate Total, the number one toothpaste brand in the UK, and The Diary of a CEO, the number one podcast in the UK feels like a very natural fit for our first ever podcast campaign.

“Both are trusted, expert brands who share common values and a mindset of proactively taking care of health, actively understanding and preventing health problems before they start. Together we can help build a healthier future for everyone in the UK.”

Antonia Digby, Content Director, Wavemaker UK said: “We are super excited to launch Colgate’s first-ever UK podcast advertising campaign with Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO. The campaign brings together two highly credible brands with shared values and shared audiences – it truly is the perfect partnership.”

Christiana Brenton, Chief Commercial Officer for Flight Studio, the home of DOAC, said: “’The Diary of a CEO offers the ideal platform to introduce Colgate Total’s advanced oral care benefits directly to the proactive health seekers that Steven and his guests attract every week. We are confident that Colgate will see the power of podcasting in this first pivotal campaign for the brand.”  

Gemma O’Brien, Sales Director at Adelicious, said: “Colgate and The Diary of a CEO are a perfect alignment of audience and messaging. This partnership not only marks a significant milestone for Colgate, but also demonstrates our commitment at Adelicious to pioneering new paths for brands to connect meaningfully with their consumers.”

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