Comedian John-Luke Roberts hosts Sound Heap podcast

Comedian John-Luke Roberts is to host Sound Heap, a podcast of infinite podcasts with some of Britain’s funniest stars.

Part-written and part improvised, Sound Heap is a sketch show presenting an infinite number of parodies, spoofs, and absurd ideas as if they were real podcasts, from laugh-out-loud jokes to interviews, documentaries, pranks, advice segments and listener call-ins.

Combining his skills as a writer and comedian, John-Luke Roberts will record with dozens of comic guests including Tom Allen, Isy Suttie and Deborah Frances-White, who improvise different types of podcasts over the course of the session, which are cut up and distributed throughout all episodes.

john luke roberts
John-Luke Roberts

From Auddy, makers of Cold Case Crime Cuts and Stealing Victory, Sound Heap is a 12-part podcast series made up of many more podcasts within, written and hosted by John-Luke Roberts and produced by Ed Morrish.

John-Luke Roberts said: “A few months ago I discovered that I was one of only three people in the country not to have a podcast. I wanted to put that right and have made up for my late start by making loads and loads and loads of them.”

Ed Morrish, producer of Sound Heap added: “In a world where just about every podcast you can think of exists, we realised there was a gap in the market for some podcasts that don’t.”

Sound Heap is available weekly on all podcast providers from Wednesday 2 June.

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