Former monk, award-winning host, and storyteller Jay Shetty on Working In podcast

Jay Shetty, who is a former monk, a storyteller, and host of the widely acclaimed On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, joins host Dan Murray-Serter for the latest episode of the Working In with Heights podcast.

In this two-part episode (part 1 releasing on Friday 27 November and part 2 on Sunday 29 November), the pair discuss confidence and its benefits on creating a positive mindset and building self-esteem.

Jay shares the link between our identity and the habits we form – highlighting that we all have the ability to incorporate positive changes into our mindset and lives.

He talks about our conditioned default perspective on life and that the same thing can happen to two people, but they’ll both deal with it completely differently. He says it’s important to understand that conditioned, default responses can be rewired and changed.

When we adopt a habit for such a long period of time, we begin to develop an idea that we’ll always be that way, but it’s not really who you are, it’s the habit that becomes you. Jay explains that we often don’t realise that we can upgrade our minds and our brains just like we can upgrade our phones and laptops.

Jay reveals the importance of focusing on intention rather than the long-term results and building upon small actions in life. He also talks about how his own journey started out because he had the intention to help people and wanted to create content that provoked a conversation.

“When you look at the finer details, all my work was based on an intention, rather than a result. If you test an intention and you focus on becoming productive, and effective in whatever you’re trying to do, your confidence builds from doing small things.

“Setting yourself small commitments and small promises is what builds confidence in yourself, rather than setting these really lofty large targets, which you often end up failing on,” he says.

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