Grandmaster of Memory Ed Cooke on new episode of Working In with Heights podcast

Global Grandmaster of Memory Ed Cooke is the guest in the latest two-part episode of Working In with Heights hosted by Dan Murray-Serter.

Ed is also the co-founder of one of the world’s largest language learning platforms ‘Memrise’.

Dan and Ed discuss the importance of focus and attention in order to retain memory and Ed shares helpful tips to help listeners to remember anything.

To really understand where Ed’s journey into memory began, he explains what a Grandmaster of Memory actually is: “It’s a very grand term for something which is more ordinary than it sounds,” he says, “For context, there’s an international network of memory tournaments which take place all around the world – people competitively memorize things like long sequences of numbers and cards,” Ed adds.

He explains that there’s a particular kind of qualification you can get, awarded by the Norwegian King, if you’re able to memorise 10 decks of cards in an hour, and a thousand digit number in an hour. If you can do that, then you become a Grandmaster of Memory.

The pair also discuss how memory works when you’re a grandmaster and Ed shares the importance of training your mind to concentrate and retain information. He says that recalling anything is going from one mental context to another one through association. By being very conscious about these associations and being very explicit about how you arrange them in your mind, is how a memory grandmaster can learn very effectively.

You can hear more in the Working In with Heights podcast, with part one available now and part two on Sunday 22 November from Apple, Spotify and all major podcast platforms.

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