Ground-breaking new podcast where entertainers talk openly about their own bodies

Author/broadcaster Danny Wallace and magazine veteran Phil Hilton will be delving into the stories behind the bodies of entertainers, sporting legends and comedians in a new ground-breaking podcast series – Manatomy.

Men don’t normally talk about their bodies, it’s traditionally a conversation they just don’t tend to have, but Danny Wallace and Phil Hilton are preparing to have that conversation with some well-known men. Those conversations are going to be very open, very awkward, but very cathartic.

The first episode of Manatomy will be available from July 14 on the US podcast network Stitcher and on all podcast platforms. Wallace and Hilton will tackle that relationship between men and their bodies with guests ranging from British cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy to musical comedian Tim Minchin.

“Our guests are going to reveal things about themselves that they have never talked about before. Men just don’t talk about this to each other, they don’t have that chat. Manatomy hopes to change that,’ says Wallace.

“But you can’t have this conversation without including women. We’ve got some fantastic women coming up in this series like comic Jayde Adams, radio presenter Stephanie Hirst, and we begin the series with Jameela Jamil so that we can get a perspective from the outside on why no one’s having that chat on the inside,” he adds.

Confirmed guests for the weekly series so far include British Olympic cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, author Jon Ronson, actor/activist Jameela Jamil, comedians Omid Djalili, Tim Minchin, Jason Manford, Adam Buxton, Marcus Brigstocke, Jayde Adams, Tom Allen and presenters Stephanie Hirst and Rick Edwards.

Wallace and Hilton are launching the podcast with US podcast network Stitcher, who work with some of the biggest names in podcasting, including Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe, Conan O’Brien and Jameela Jamil. Manatomy will be Stitcher’s first ever partnership with a UK team.

danny wallace
Danny Wallace

Danny Wallace said: “We’re so excited to be creating the Manatomy podcast – hopefully we are creating a warm, funny space for men (and women) of all shapes, sizes and girths to confess their secret hang-ups and celebrate their glorious triumphs.”

phil hilton
Phil Hilton

Phil Hilton added: “There’s been a real sense of our guests working out their boundaries as they go, having thoughts they hadn’t fully processed and certainly never shared. There isn’t much unexplored territory out there but for men these really are new conversations and that is very exciting.”

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