Hit podcast The Girlfriends to return for second series

Novel and iHeartRadio are launching a second series The Girlfriends, with an introductory episode now available.

The first series told the true story of host Carole Fisher and a group of women who all dated the same guy, Bob Bierenbaum, who it transpires murdered his wife, Gail Katz.

Carole returns for the second series with producer Anna Sinfield, friend Mindy Shapiro and Gail’s sister Alayne Katz, to investigate the next chapter in the story.

The first season uncovered the torso of an unidentified woman, who was initially identified as Gail Katz. In their second series, Carole, Anna, Mindy and Alayne will be working to try and find the true identity of this lost sister.

Speaking ahead of the new series, Carole Fisher said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be back at the microphone for season two of The Girlfriends – representing an incredible global community of girlfriends we’ve built through this podcast.

“It’s a continuous honour to be their voice and to help foster solidarity among women everywhere. The themes and messages we share are crucial, not only for raising awareness about domestic violence and abuse, but also for empowering others, especially women, by making them feel seen and heard. That’s why The Girlfriends podcast truly matters.”

Producer Anna Sinfield said: “It’s no joke to say that I became obsessed with identifying our Jane Doe from season one. I was going to keep working on it whether we made this series or not. Then Carole, Mindy and Alayne said they’d be up for helping and I knew we were onto a goer.

“Getting the gang back together has been fun and cathartic and inspiring all at once…and finding an excuse to drink wine with three of my favourite ladies again is the cherry on top.”

For this season, The Girlfriends will be partnering with DNA Doe Project, a non-profit organisation that uses investigative genetic genealogy to identify Jane and John Does.

With over 100 volunteer investigative genetic genealogists, they take unidentified human remains cases that would otherwise be ignored or forgotten. Donor funding has helped DNA Doe Project resolve more than 110 cases since 2017.

The Girlfriends: Our Lost Sister will be five episodes, as well as the introductory episode. The first two episodes will be released on 6 May, with further episodes being released weekly for iHeartRadio True Crime subscribers, before being available to everyone the following week.

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