New true crime podcast from Novel teams with charity NO MORE

Novel is to launch The Girlfriends, in collaboration with NO MORE, a global nonprofit organisation dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence.

The podcast tells the true story of a group of women who formed a club to put a murderous ex-boyfriend behind bars. The story shows the ways women unite to protect each other when systems of justice fail them.

Unlike a typical true crime, The Girlfriends isn’t about the murderer, Bob. It’s about his wife Gail, and the other women who dated him that could have suffered the same fate. It’s about Gail’s sister Alayne, who never gave up the fight for justice. It’s about the gratitude she felt when she learned that a sisterhood of women in Las Vegas and New York were on her side.

In 1989 Bob Bierenbaum moved to Las Vegas. Every single Jewish woman over 30 thought he was the perfect man: a Jewish plastic surgeon who spoke several languages and flew his own private plane.

But when a group of his ex-girlfriends discover that his wife, Gail Katz, went missing and is presumed dead, they go from dating him to investigating him.

Almost 30 years later, Carole Fisher, one of the women who dated Bob, is hosting the podcast to tell the story of ‘The Girlfriends’ who finally got justice for Gail.

Set to an original choral score by Luisa Gerstein from Deep Throat Choir, women’s voices are at the centre of this true justice series.

The Girlfriends has teamed up with NO MORE to be more than a usual true crime podcast, by being a useful resource for educating and providing help and guidance to anyone impacted by domestic and sexual violence.

NO MORE CEO Pamela Zaballa said: “We are proud to partner with ‘The Girlfriends’ podcast to raise awareness of domestic violence and help survivors find the support they need.

“At NO MORE, we strongly believe that media and entertainment can play an important role in changing the culture that has allowed the epidemic of domestic violence to persist.

“We’re grateful to Novel for using this powerful story to help fuel real and lasting change.”

Episode one of The Girlfriends launches on Monday 10 July on all major podcast platforms.

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