Joel Corry on this week’s Celebrity Search Engine podcast

Celebrity Search Engine’s guest this week is Joel Corry, who is arguably the UK’s most exciting DJ and producer, the man behind huge hits including ‘Head & Heart’ and ‘BED’.

He’s worked with some of the biggest names in dance music including David Guetta and MNEK and now joins host Abbie McCarthy to answer questions based on the most popular, weird and wonderful internet search engine questions, comprising everything the internet wants to know about him.

Answering how much he’s worth, Joel says that having a hit record, getting his name out there and playing festivals was his idea of success, so money is a bonus!

Talking about the search result for ‘Joel Corry Love Island’, he says: “I was actually out in Zante when that happened. I was at my hotel, starting to get ready for that night and I remember I was doing my hair, and my phone was on the side. Now, the 4G in Zante, it doesn’t exist. We’re talking Zante is 1G at most, right. I was in my room and suddenly, my phone just went mad. Tweet notifications, WhatsApps, and I was like, oh my god, what have I done?!

“I was trying to look but my phone was literally having a meltdown.

“Luckily it was good news and ‘Sorry’ got played on Love Island. After that, it became the most Shazam-ed song ever in the UK in one day and it still holds that record.”

Would he go on Love Island? Joel gives Abbie an answer, but also reveals which other reality show he really wants to do.

Did Joel Corry sing on Head and Heart? He reveals that he can’t sing, so you can probably guess the answer, but he explains how he ended up working with MNEK on the track. Telling how the track fell into MNEK’s hands, Joel adds: ““He slid into the DMs, he was like ‘Joel, I heard this Head & Heart demo, I want to work on it with you. I love it, would you be down? Let me try a vocal on it’. I was like are you mad?! Of course!”

Working with RAYE and David Guetta on BED was a dream collaboration for Joel, he says: “I sent David an email, and luckily he knew who I was because he was a big fan of Head & Heart.

“What’s even nicer for me is that I’ve built a really nice friendship with him, and with RAYE. We have our BED WhatsApp group, we chat every day.”

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