LA psychic and cosmic energy healer launches celebrity readings podcast

Los Angeles based cosmic energy healer, reader and teacher Eva Antoniadou has launched a podcast featuring readings about celebrities.

In ‘Cosmic Celebrity Readings with Eva’, she doesn’t know who she is going to be reading for until they appear on her screen.

The first reading episode featuring celebrity chef, presenter and author Tonia Buxton is available now, alongside ‘Energy Report’ episodes where Eva spills the beans and makes predictions about well-known celebrities.

Eva started her career over 15 years ago and says she inherited her clairvoyance, clairaudience and emphatic abilities from her Greek grandmother and her father. She believes psychic abilities have always run in her family.

We’re told her focus is restoring the bio-field and chakras to bring balance into people’s lives. This method is said to cut the connection with past lives and any negative form, spell and misfortune, which results in wealth in terms of health, success and love.

Through her intuition and mediumship, she says she is able to channel loved ones that have passed away and share their message to the living.  She picks up information about the present and future with mediumship, tarot card readings and also performs other divination forms like candle manifestation work and crystal manifestation.

Eva’s celebrity predictions have included that George and Amal Clooney and Beyoncé would have twins around the same time and that Meghan and Harry’s second child would be a girl. 

She also predicted that Trump would be impeached, Biden would win the recent election and that he would have a black female VP – 12 months before these things can to fruition.

Future predictions include health issues for Trump and that President Biden may not make full term. She says there will be a lot of celebrity scandals with a lot of truth coming out in the next few months and for the whole year.

You can listen to Cosmic Celebrity Readings with Eva here.

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