Matt Edmondson launches new podcast Not Another Love Song

Not Another Love Song is a podcast where host Matt Edmondson and his favourite musicians create an unconventional pop masterpiece.

Songs can be about anything, but the only rule is it has to be a song that would never get written under normal circumstances.

Like most of us, BBC Radio 1 DJ and music lover Matt Edmondson took up a new hobby during lockdown.  He decided to delve into the world of songwriting and music production, partly inspired by all the amazing artists he regularly interviews.

As his lack of talent became all the more clear, he quickly realised he was going to need backup. So, he slid into the DM’s of ten of his favourite singer/songwriters and amazingly, they all agreed to come and write a song with him!

Not Another Love Song features Matt having a light-hearted chat with his musical guest as they figure out what to write a song about.

Once they agree on a topic, together they collaborate to create a weird and wonderful pop masterpiece – bouncing ideas off each other for lyrics, rhymes and melodies. Matt then takes this to ‘The Lab’ (aka his spare bedroom) and ‘produces’ this hit, before calling his co-writer back for the exclusive premiere.

Expect to hear all about Maisie Peter’s obsession for Timothée Chamalet, James Arthur’s never-ending battle with hay fever and Becky Hill lending her powerhouse vocals to sing about pimples. It seems no topic is too off limits, as Not Another Love Song is the chance to hear your favourite musician create the song they’ve never been allowed to write!

Speaking about the podcast, Matt said: “What started as a silly project to keep me busy in lockdown has become an amazing collection of incredibly unique bangers with ten of my favourite artists in the world.

“Before starting the podcast, I’d never written a song or played any instruments, and if you’ve ever seen me on a dance floor, you’ll know that rhythm isn’t one of my strong points.

“I can’t wait for listeners to come on the Not Another Love Song journey with me, as I go from an idiot who knows nothing about song writing, to an idiot who’s made an album. If you’ve ever wondered how a blank page gets turned into a finished song, this is the show for you.”

Not Another Love Song will be available weekly on all podcast platforms from 2 November with James Arthur as the first guest.

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