New audio drama podcast BOOM features Sharon D. Clarke & Omari Douglas

Set at the turn of the millennium, BOOM is a brand new audio drama that takes place in the headquarters of American energy, commodities, and services company Enron, and is suffused with the music and cinema of the era.

Produced by Stak, and written and directed by the makers of The Offensive and Jackie the Ripper, it’s a timeless, mystifying story of greed and the human condition, told within an immersive composite of late 90s nostalgia.

The series features a star-studded cast in esteemed actor and voice-actor Akie Kotabe, two-time Olivier Award winner Sharon D. Clarke MBE, and BAFTA nominee and star of the smash hit It’s a Sin Omari Douglas.

Inspired by the way Stranger Things captured the mid 80s style, BOOM takes listeners back to the era of CDs, AOL and Blockbuster. It’s a series that pushes the boundaries of the medium to create an immersive, gripping audio experience with an equally ambitious, laugh-out-loud plot.

September, 1999. Jim has been moved to Enron Broadband Services to help fulfil the company’s ambitious vision: to control the internet. American’s seventh largest corporation is booming, and the once introverted Jim is thrust into the greed, chaos and dazzling debauchery of the late 90s.

But it wasn’t the soaring share price that changed his life, it wasn’t even the new friends, it was an email. An email from a different time, some point in the future, routed via some sophisticated server back to September 1999, to Houston, to Jim Yang, to

They want Enron’s money.

It sounds like time to put on your dungarees, reconnect your dial-up, and get ready to be thrust into the heart of America’s tech boom, where nothing is as it seems!

The complete series of BOOM will be available from 27 June on Apple, Spotify, Acast and all podcast providers.

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