New comedy drama podcast reimagining the infamous murders of Jack the Ripper

Everybody knows the story of Jack the Ripper, the unidentified serial killer active in and around Whitechapel in 1888, responsible for the brutal murders of at least five women.

Now, 133 years later, there’s a new serial killer terrorising East London. The Offensive, Jackie the Ripper is a comedy-drama retelling of the infamous Whitechapel killing spree of the 19th century.

In this modern reimagining, males are the victims of dark, sexually aggressive murders. The kind that leave them penis-less with their testicles in their mouth.

In a twist of fate, fiction and feminism, the perpetrator behind these gruesome acts is a woman. To be precise, a ruthless serial killer of a woman ready to strike again, and again, and again, and one more time after that, without a single ounce of remorse.

With five episodes launching just in time for Halloween, the series follows detective Frederick Abberline on a woman-hunt around the city. A hunt scattered with false leads, unbelievable betrayals and total pandemonium about that dreaded video – cold, unforgiving and impeccably high-definition – filmed by the murderer herself and taking social media by storm. Proud of her kill, our sinister antagonist signs off… Love, Jackie the Ripper.

Where Jack the Ripper murdered Mary Ann Nichols, Jackie murders Mark Alan Nichols. Jack’s second victim, Annie Chapman, becomes Danny Chapman. And at the head of both cases is (once great) Lead Detective of Scotland Yard, esteemed veteran of Whitechapel, extremely paranoid, slightly clueless, and definitely over-caffeinated, Frederick Abberline.

Written by Joel Emery and directed by Adam Jarrell, this is a tale set in East London with global influence, as actors in the series record remotely from New Zealand to Mumbai.

From Stak, makers of JaackMaate’s Happy Hour and Football Ramble, Jackie the Ripper is the laugh-out-loud, gruesome and timely reimagining of an East London serial killer spree.

Listeners follow along with Abberline as he stumbles upon one dead end after another, while Jackie continues the brutal, psychopathic mutilation of the men of Whitechapel, all for her own satisfaction and social media shock factor.

Jackie the Ripper is launched today, Monday 25 October, available on all podcast platforms,  with a new episode every weekday in the lead-up to Halloween.

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