New podcast with Chelcee Grimes and Shane Jenek builds perfect queer utopia

Building Queertopia is a new podcast series hosted by Chelcee Grimes and Shane Jenek which will bring together members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community to create a perfect queer utopia.

Each week, singer songwriter Chelcee and Shane AKA Courtney Act will be joined by a special guest who will contribute their own ideals to create their imagined inclusive world.

Guests will bring one big and bold idea that would drastically improve their lives and the lives of fellow queer-topians based on their real-life experiences.

No topic is off limits, as the podcast provides a space for guests to explore everything from politics, music and fashion to social etiquette when considering their perfect queer utopia.

Chelcee says: “Building Queertopia is such an important podcast for not only everyone in the LGBTQ+ community but also for families and friends to learn about things maybe they aren’t aware of or are too afraid to ask.

“I’ve learned so much so far from all of our guests and Shane since recording started. Every episode is such a great conversation merged with fascinating stories and hope. You leave the podcast feeling positive and hopeful, I think that’s what everyone should feel like at the start or end of every day.”

The guest will also choose the national anthem for their dream Queertopia, a statue which they propose to erect and a building for citizens to visit. In the process of building their fictional paradise the series hopes to find ways to make reality a little better for everyone.

Shane says: “I love hearing people’s ideas for building a better and more inclusive world. It’s a lovely way to spend an hour each week, imagining a world that is kinder and more just.

“Such fun, insightful and thoughtful conversations with amazing queer guests and Chelcee (who, side note- is a really cool human). I hope people enjoy listening to Building Queertopia.”

Building Queertopia is available weekly on BBC Sounds.

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