New Radio 4 podcast hosted by Paris Lees explores opposing human experiences

A new Radio 4 podcast for BBC Sounds sees journalist, presenter, campaigner and author Paris Lees covering the different sides of topics including forgiveness, addiction and sex.

Across the eight-part series of The Flipside, Paris meets people with contrasting stories as she looks at varied human experience.

With the help of experts and social science she considers what’s at the heart of being human and asks questions about how language forms our identity, what truly makes us happy, how teenagers get their kicks and what makes family, ‘family’.

Paris says: “It’s been a privilege speaking to so many amazing people who are just trying to live the best lives that they can and keep moving forwards, even when they’re coming from wildly different directions. Throughout this series, I’ve felt engaged, connected and found meaning in doing something I hope will be of value to other people.”

Each episode looks at both sides of different stories from around the world such as when bad habits become a problem, radicalisation, impulsivity and rebellion. Paris asks why we forgive, if happiness is installed within us or dependent on external circumstances, and what drives our obsession with sex.

Radio 4’s Podcast and Digital Commissioning Editor, Rhian Roberts says: “The Flipside puts us in the middle of a gently persuasive swirl of thinking. Paris has a way of making careful consideration of people and their motivations a real pleasure.”

Episode one explores how speaking a second language can affect how we think and behave. Paris speaks to a YouTuber who found going through therapy in her second language forced her to explore the emotional baggage of English and Italian, and a woman who lost her mother tongue after crossing the US border for a new life, who is on a mission to remember the language she loves.

Episode 1 of The Flipside with Paris Lees will be available on BBC Sounds from 13 October.

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