New series of Puffin podcast Mission Imagination set to launch

The brand-new series of the Puffin podcast Mission Imagination will launch next Wednesday 28 July, inviting kids into a different author’s magical land every week.

Hosted by the stand-up comedian, actor, writer and fan favourite of Celebrity Gogglebox Babatunde Aléshé, alongside two young Puffineers, there’ll be a new adventure for each week of the summer holidays.

“I’m so proud to partner with the brilliant team at Puffin to help spread some much-needed joy and positivity for children over the summer holidays through the Mission Imagination podcast,” says host Babatunde Aléshé, “Not only will we be immersing our young listeners into wonderfully magical worlds every week, we’ll also be showcasing the work and voices of incredibly talented authors, with particular focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds”

From magical forests to Biscuitville, children will be taken to places where sweets really do grow on trees, where puffins are rulers of the land and where you can swim in a sea of chocolate! But, be warned, there are rules for stepping foot in these dreamlands – and when rules are broken, danger follows!! 

Tom Austin, Head of Brand and Social at Puffin, said: “We are thrilled to bring Mission Imagination, season 2 of the Puffin Podcast, to audiences just in time for the Summer holidays.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jump into the imagination of a different Puffin author each episode. Host Babatunde Aléshé, alongside his cheeky sidekicks, brings so much joy and positivity to the podcast. Mission Imagination captures the magic of storytelling in a way that’s accessible for all.”

Kicking off the first episode is actor, comedian, host and writer Humza Arshad, who invites listeners  to a world of space exploration, featuring ninja-rapper-gangsters, a special cricket planet where you can  play endless cricket in the championship, a spy headquarters where top secret work is conducted and the perfect reading spot in the far corners of the galaxy.

The adventure with Humza, host Babatunde and two young Puffineers takes a turn for the worst when one crucial rule is broken and chaos ensues with the threat of green one eyed monsters and the scariest of all – killer aunties.

Humza Arshad said: “I am chuffed to be launching the second series of the Puffin Podcast but this time as a guest rather than the host! I can’t think of a better person to hand the mic over to than Babatunde. I’m really looking forward to sharing the world of imagination with listeners. Though I’m a bit nervous about being on the other end now and what those cheeky two young Puffineers might ask me!”

Mission Imagination will be available each Wednesday on Apple, Spotify, all major podcast platforms and Puffin books Youtube channel from 28 July.

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