Podcast with original bedtime stories and meditation helps children sleep

Koko Sleep, part of Sleepiest, is a podcast that aims to help children get better quality sleep and to allow parents to get their evenings back!

It features original stories which are carefully crafted, with input from sleep experts, that start out engaging and magical but as they progress, they gently slow to a calming pace. They encourage deep breaths and count children down into relaxation to let them drift off through the pacing of the stories.

Co-founder and CEO of Sleepiest, Hayden Bailey, said: “Bedtime can be an anxious time for children and parents, and we want to help make it a more relaxing process and promote learning how to sleep better in the long term. Our content is delivered in a way that isn’t patronising and isn’t what you’d typically expect for children, meaning it’s a positive experience for everyone involved.

Parents can listen with their children and spend quality time together while forming a healthy sleep routine and habit. Also, creating more efficient bedtimes leads to a more harmonious, happier and healthier family unit for children and parents alike.”

The podcast stories centre around mascot Koko – a sleep-loving fluffy little Koala – his family, friends, and his adventures. There are also other relaxing stories about children with magic powers, bouncing puppies and very wise wildlife including Zen the Pufferfish, Disco the Dancing Dragon, Adrenaline the Tortoise, King Leo the Lion and Hector & Sunny.

Narrated by Abbe Opher, the podcast is a hybrid of stories and meditations. The original stories are developed by writers Gillian Rogerson and Elisha Ainsley and are contributed to by writer and hypnotherapist Karina Price.

Karina specialises in Anxiety, solution-focused therapy and relaxation. For children, her work uses stories, visualisations, and metaphors as part of the relaxation process, allowing them to use their imaginations to resolve their problems.

Koko Sleep is available on all major podcast platforms with two free stories released each week on Monday and Wednesday. There’s also a Premium offering on Apple Podcasts that offers ad-free listening and exclusive bonus episodes.

One of the best ways to listen to Koko Sleep is via The Sleepiest App where you can also access over 200 more bedtime stories and over 70+ meditations and soothing soundscapes.

The Sleepiest App also offers parents and children the opportunity to favourite episodes and stories, create unique playlists, set a sleep timer, and also track sleep to improve healthy sleep habits over time.

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