Ruthie’s Table 4 podcast returns for third seasons with star guests

The third season of the Ruthie’s Table 4 podcast has launched this week with the first episode’s guest, acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson.

Wes never follows convention – his episode is the only format of the podcast where he asks himself the questions, which makes for a unique episode.

wes anderson with ruthie
Wes Anderson with Ruthie

For more than 30 years The River Cafe in London, owned by Ruthie Rogers, has been the home-from-home of artists, architects, designers, actors, collectors, writers, activists, and politicians.

Michael Caine, Glenn Close, JJ Abrams, Steve McQueen, Victoria and David Beckham, and Lily Allen, are just some of the people who call The River Cafe home.

On the River Café’s podcast Table 4, Ruthie Rogers sits down with her customers—who have become friends—to talk about food memories.

Table 4 explores how food impacts every aspect of our lives. “Foods is politics, food is cultural, food is how you express love, food is about your heritage, it defines who you and who you want to be,” says Rogers.

Each week, Rogers invites her guests to reminisce about family suppers and first dates, what they cook, how they eat when performing, the restaurants they choose, and what food they eat when they need comfort. Guests also read their favourite recipe from one of the best-selling River Cafe cookbooks.

Table 4 itself, is situated near The River Cafe’s open kitchen, close to the bright pink wood-fired oven and next to the glossy yellow pass, where Ruthie oversees the restaurant.

Other guests lined up for the latest series include Linda Evangelista, Will Ferrell, set designer Es Devlin, Guy Ritchie, Kerri Russell, Fischer Stevens (Succession and director of the acclaimed Beckham series) and many more.

Table 4 is made by Atomized Studios, which has had success with other podcasts including Tom Houghton’s Bad Manors.

Season three’s first episode of Ruthie’s Table 4 featuring Wes Anderson is available on all podcast providers including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

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