Rylan to take stars on trip down memory lane in new podcast Ry-Union

In his new podcast launching 23 November, Rylan will be bringing back the glory days, hosting Ry-Unions between iconic people from our favourite moments in entertainment.

From music to films to our favourite Saturday night TV shows, we all have nostalgic memories of the iconic cultural moments that’ve shaped the past few decades. But as time goes on, things change and people grow, proving that all good things must come to an end.

Having been involved in some of our most loved TV shows, broadcaster Rylan knows what it’s like to be part of huge productions that dominate TV.

From The X Factor to I’m A Celebrity, chart-topping boybands to 90s child film stars, each week Rylan will sit down with people involved in the most iconic moments in entertainment history, discussing everything from the moments they’re grateful for, the tough times that came with the exposure, and the people they met along the way.

During their time with Rylan, guests will get a Ry-Union with people who were part of their journey, reminiscing on the good times, the bad times and everything in between.

From talking about the person they’d love to be reunited with, and discussing the Ry-Union they’d never want, the conversations are open, honest, nostalgic and funny giving an insight into what really went on behind the scenes.

Out next week, Rylan’s first guest is X Factor alumni Cher Lloyd. The X Factor dominated weekend TV and in this conversation, Cher discusses the pros and cons of her time on the show, and is reunited with some iconic people from her time there.

Ry-Union is about reminiscing and sharing the joy of reuniting people who went through an extraordinary experience together.

You can listen to new episodes of Ry-Union, every Tuesday on Apple, Spotify and all podcast platforms

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