Sadie Clark’s award-winning one woman show to be released as podcast series

Audible is launching Algorithms, a brave and funny audio adaptation of Sadie Clark’s award-winning Edinburgh Fringe and Soho Theatre sell-out one woman show.

Sadie has reimagined her one woman show for audio as a six-episode comedy drama with a full cast.

The story involves Brooke (voiced by Sadie), who is joined by an ensemble of characters as she navigates her newly-single life, including her mother ‘Lucinda’, voiced by award-winning actress Alison Steadman (Here We Go, Gavin and Stacey), her workmate ‘Charlie’ voiced by Joe Thomas (The Inbetweeners), her queer friend ‘Josie’ voiced by Ciara Baxendale (My Mad Fat Diary), her demanding boss ‘Katya’ voiced by comedian Desiree Burch, and ‘Frankie’, her non-binary Mark Darcy (or perhaps Daniel Cleaver?), voiced by drag king, musician and comedian, Len Gwyn.

Brooke is the algorithm writer for dating app ‘Meet Cute Squared’. She codes attraction for a living, which is odd given what a hopeless romantic she is.

She’s never personally had to give the logic of love much thought though, because her five-year plan is ticking along nicely. That is, until her girlfriend, Amira dumps her out of the blue. With her thirtieth birthday looming, Brooke’s forced to do something she’s never done before: put her own algorithms to the test as she dives into the chaotic world of online dating as an app user for the first time.

Over the six episodes, Algorithms treats listeners to a contemporary, queer, comedy-drama with all the charm of the classic Hollywood rom-coms, as Brooke navigates the wild west of the online dating scene and learns important lessons about simply ‘being enough’ along the way.

Sadie Clark, writer, creator and star of Algorithms said: “Algorithms started out as a one-woman show born out of my frustration with the lack of openly bisexual characters in pop culture. I’ve loved developing the character of Brooke further for this series, delving into what a rom-com sounds like when the protagonist could meet boy… girl… or any gender.

“This is a story about desperately searching for love whilst worrying you’re never enough. A universally relatable dilemma I’m sure, but one that can manifest in a particularly painful way for bisexual people: not feeling ‘gay enough’ whilst also not being straight. I sometimes feel like I have my foot in the door of two different parties, like I’m both and I’m neither.

“Talking to some of my non-binary and gender non-conforming friends I realised there were overlaps with this feeling of not being ‘enough’, where at times they felt like they needed to live up to a certain ‘androgynous ideal’ in their gender expression. It inspired me to create Algorithms’ “pant-wettingly sexy” non-binary love interest – Frankie – and explore those overlaps further.

“I hope that this series speaks to queer people from all walks of life who have struggled with similar feelings, and that they find comfort in seeing themselves represented in a story with the humour and flair of a romantic comedy.”

Algorithms, an Audible Original drama, sees the first foray into audio production from the award-winning Rooks Nest production team behind films such as Here Before, Surge, The Witch, Obvious Child, and My Brother The Devil amongst others.

Composer Tawiah, whose previous work includes I May Destroy You, created an original score for Algorithms with sound design by John Wakefield (Wooden Overcoats, Rathband) and Lisa Spirling, the Artistic Director of Theatre503, directing.

Speaking of their first podcast production, producers Julia Godzinskaya and Sophie Vickers of Rooks Nest said: “As film producers, we’re always on the lookout for new voices and subversive takes on popular genres. After falling in love with Sadie Clark’s bisexual rom-com on stage, we wanted to embrace the intimacy of the original play whilst at the same time opening up the scope of Brooke’s world with an exciting ensemble cast, playful sound design and an evocative score.”

Algorithms is available to pre-order now and download from 30 June exclusively on Audible.

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