Self-improvement podcast started in lockdown hits over 3.5 million downloads

Having launched during lockdown, Law of Attraction Changed My Life hosted by Francesca Amber, is now a Number 1 podcast with over 3.5 million downloads.

Say what you want about the Law of Attraction – that it’s woo-woo spirituality, a cult or self-help nonsense – Francesca has heard it all before, but that doesn’t detract from the incredible positive changes she’s seen in her life from 15 years of manifesting.

Law of Attraction and the idea that your thoughts can create your reality have been around for centuries. Now, Francesca brings this philosophy in podcast form with Law of Attraction Changed My Life to explain just how positive words, manifesting and gratitude have transformed her life and can help her listeners too.

Francesca hears from people daily that it’s helping them achieve their goals while feeling happier and more positive.

Each week, she breaks down topics, including ‘How Do I Manifest What I Want?’, ‘How To Find Moments of Joy In Everyday Life’ and ‘Making Gratitude Easy & Fun’.

Hilarious, inspiring and engaging, Francesca works to demystify the Law of Attraction, tell it how it is and help listeners get results – her 1.9k rave reviews at 4.9 stars speak for themselves.

francesca amber
Francesca Amber

Francesca’s mission is to help people create their own fate, whether that’s finally getting on the property ladder, paying off years of debt or getting a job that gives you time to take you child to school!

Episodes of Law of Attraction Changed my life are released every Friday on all podcast platforms.

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