Spotify launches new competition podcast The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch from Spotify follows creatives crafting responses to creative briefs from high-profile marketing and advertising executives.

It could be two professional chefs going head-to-head in a cooking competition, interior designers competing over a living room transformation or musicians singing to win the hearts of audiences, as they battle it out to edge out their competitor with the best advertising campaign.

With guests including the CMOs of Indeed, Athletic Greens and Frito-Lay, the briefs will put audio creatives to the test with challenges such as create a 30 second audio spot that encapsulates the feeling one might get when they hear the words “You’re Hired!” or design and produce a mnemonic device that evokes the sound of the iconic Doritos Triangle.

TV presenter, actor, producer, and comedian Hunter March hosts the show, which kicks off with a creative brief from one of the world’s biggest brand leaders.

The episode follows two teams of audio producers as they execute their unique challenges. Along the way, listeners will learn interesting information about the techniques they’re employing, the craft of audio production and more. At the end of each episode, the marketer will select a winner.

“Spotify offers advertisers and creative minds a unique canvas to play, create and innovate. We wanted to shine a light on the process and inspire others to flex their creative muscle,” said Grace Kao, Spotify’s Head of Ads Business Marketing. “The Perfect Pitch brings people under the hood, taking listeners on a journey to understand the craft of audio production – and we thought, ‘what better way to put those skills to the test than with creative briefs from brand leaders themselves’?”

Spotify’s The Perfect Pitch launches today, Monday 12 June.

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