The Lost Tapes of History Podcast features Henry V and the CBT Therapist

This week sees the release of the fourteenth episode of The Lost Tapes of History podcast from Since 79 Productions and it features Henry V and the CBT Therapist.

The series is based on imagining finding a stack of audio tapes containing the first few minutes of interviews and private conversations between England’s monarchs and some therapists, counsellors, officials and professionals just trying to do their job.

It’s all based on real facts at a specific year in each monarch’s life and there’s a web page for each of them explaining the facts and where to continue the search for more knowledge.

The date is December 1421. Henry’s first son has just been born in England. Henry is in France and everything is getting on top of him.  He needs some help. Some psychological help. A spokesperson for Henry V said: “Do we have to talk now? I’m in the middle of arranging all his rugs in size order. Can you come back later? I have a window between 2.14pm and 2.16pm.”

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