The Lost Tapes of History Podcast features Richard II and the Tarot Reader

This week sees the release of the twelfth episode of weekly podcast The Lost Tapes of History, which is for those who like their history lessons with a side order of humour.

Released by Since 79 Productions, Season One covers 37 monarchs from William I to Edward VIII, each lasting less than 20 minutes.

The latest episode is titled Richard II and the Tarot Reader. The date is September 1394, Richard’s wife Queen Anne has recently died and he is mourning his loss.

He’s worried about the future and goes to a tarot reader to shed some light on what he should do next.

A spokesperson for Richard II said: “I don’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo myself of course. Totally ridiculous. But he’s hell bent on finding out what’s going to happen to him in the future. As I was saying to my spirit guide the other day, he needs to just get a grip.”

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