The Times launches new true crime podcast series: Who Killed CJ Davis?

The Times has launched a new true crime podcast series to investigate the unsolved crime of CJ Davis, which has been previously covered in the newspaper.

Who Killed CJ Davis? is written and hosted by The Times crime correspondent John Simpson, created by the producers behind The Times’ daily show Stories of our times and produced in partnership with Wireless Studios.

CJ Davis was 14 years old when he was shot and killed in Forest Gate, East London in 2017. His case has never been solved.

He had a period of going missing, during which he was believed to have sold drugs for gangs – bringing grooming and county lines into the investigation.

In this new series, the investigation looks for answers on the case and delves into the wider problems within society that played a part in his murder.

With exclusive access, interviews and on the ground reporting, this series provides a rare window into a live police investigation.

The Times crime correspondent John Simpson said: “This case is one that sticks in the throat. It’s a story of a schoolboy caught up in organised crime and unable to escape before being brutally murdered in 2017.

“The series asks big social questions as well as following the trail of a live police case in the hunt for justice, making it a compelling listen for both true crime fans and anyone hoping to better understand our society.”

Wireless Head of On-Demand Audio, Matt Hall said: “Who Killed CJ Davis? follows Murder in the Graveyard as the second investigation under our true crime ‘Reporter’ brand. In a change of eras from the historical 1970s killings in the previous series, this is the first time we investigate such a modern murder and the societal backdrop to the crime.

“With the expertise and tenacity of John Simpson and the investigative power of The Times, this series aims to expose the criminal underworld in a fight for justice for CJ and offer insight on how we must do things better.”

You can listen to the series Who Killed CJ Davis on the Stories of our times and Reporter feeds each Friday, starting tomorrow, 7 August.

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