The Wittering Whitehalls podcast introduces the UK’s hilarious new agony aunt & uncle

Appearing alongside their son Jack Whitehall, Michael and Hilary were introduced to global audiences on Netflix’s Travels With My Father and now they are launching a brand-new podcast The Wittering Whitehalls.

With a combined social following of nearly a million, they’ve gone on to become a much-loved comedy duo themselves. Michael charming audiences with his trademark grumpiness and Hilary with her never-ending optimism.

Married for 36 years with three children, this gives Michael & Hilary plenty of wisdom to share – and they’re now offering their advice on their new podcast.

The pair are inviting listeners to send in their questions, pose problems and request help with absolutely any scenario, from romance and parenting to social etiquette and careers.

Michael will undoubtably be sharing his thoughts on our modern-day addiction to social media, why he’s not keen on going abroad (or anywhere), why eating at the cinema is unacceptable, all while Hilary provides balance, calm and puts Michael back in his box.

Expect lengthy rants and bickering, showbiz stories and an authentic look into the Whitehall family home.

The Wittering Whitehalls is a Global Original Production, with episodes released weekly from 27 June on Global Player and all podcast platforms.

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