Till Death Do Us Pod is back for a new series

The weekly podcast Till Death Do Us Pod, hosted by writer and performer Tova Leigh chatting with her husband Mike about marital things, is back for a new series.

Locking the door behind them as their three children brush up on their fractions downstairs, the hugely successful and much-loved show quickly became Tova & Mike’s unofficial ‘date night’, with Tova forcing Mike into no holds barred conversations about dating, marital life, parenting hacks, family arguments and sex trends, with the promise of actually cooking dinner once in a while!

Now in its fourth series, more recently Tova & Mike have been joined by a variety of notable guests for relatable, discerning conversations about the day’s hottest topics.

Recent guests include CEO of Ann Summers Jacqueline Gold and Married at First Sight Australia’s Melissa Lucarelli, with a month of episodes to mark International Women’s Day, with independent adult filmmaker Erika Lust, Tottenham Hotspur’s Ashley Neville and music mogul Monique Blake.

Tova said: “Being a team in marriage can be very different to being a team professionally, but we really enjoy working together on ‘Till Death Do Us Pod’. We get to chat, debate, find stuff out about each other and argue, so basically it’s like going to couples therapy, but in front of an audience!”

Mike added: “I feel so lucky that the podcast allows me to discuss issues that men rarely cover, interview people who have fascinating stories to tell and spend time with my wife whilst doing it. And an added bonus, it’s taught me everything I need to know about the menopause!”

Till Death Do Us Pod is available on Apple, Spotify, Google and Youtube.

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