Web Masters podcast talks to the man who invented bookmarking and hashtags

Web Masters hosted by Aaron Dinin is the podcast that explores the history of the internet through conversations and stories with some of its most important innovators.

In the latest episode, Aaron speaks to Joshua Schachter to discuss Delicious. Schachter was one of the first people in the world to host a personal website on the internet, inventing Delicious by coincidence.

In December 2005 Yahoo! acquired Delicious and is reckoned to have paid between $10m and $15m for it at the time.

Schachter also invented tagging things on the internet – the first hashtags, the social bookmarking phenomenon and by proxy, helped usher the age of web 2.0.

After spending time learning how to get a server built, he created an early website. Due to this being so early on in the internet days, he managed to get on the NCSA ‘What’s New?” weekly webpage – when there were only around a dozen new sites each week.

Joshua got his first job as a webmaster at a bank and was running the website for the bank – before the option of internet banking was available in 1996. Eventually, he left to work on Wall Street in New York City. Whilst there, he starts a project called Memepool, which became one of the most popular web logs of the early internet.

From here, Joshua explains to Aaron how this led to the creation of Delicious where he began social bookmarking and started tagging things.

To learn more about Joshua Schachter’s story, you can listen to the episode here.

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