Bauer Media Audio UK launches new GK Barry podcast The Turnout

Social media content creator, Tiktok star, comedian and host of the number 1 podcast Saving Grace, GK Barry is launching a brand-new podcast for Bauer Media Audio UK – The Turnout.

In this new series, GK Barry explores the political scene heading into the General Election with questions such as why young people in the UK aren’t engaging in politics in 2024, finding out why people should vote on 4 July, hearing from young people about the issues that matter to them and sussing out which politicians have got the strongest social media game.

Released twice weekly, in the run up to the General Election, The Turnout is being produced in collaboration with commercial radio station, KISS to set the agenda for the young vote in the general election – and reach audiences who don’t normally engage in the day-to-day news agenda.

GK will be going behind the headlines to get the real deal on the UK political scene, combined with KISS’ station sound, attitude and swagger, to be a unique political product in UK broadcasting ahead of 4 July.

Interviews will range from undecided young voters, first time voters, experts and GK’s network of celebrity friends, before turning towards leading UK MPs, ahead of the country going to the polls.

In the first episode, GK is joined by comedian and podcaster Nish Kumar, and she heads to Westminster Kingsway College in North London to ask students what the barriers are to them voting and who or what might make them change their mind.

She also asks which politicians they’ve heard of, which ones they like and which ones they don’t, while finding out more about their lives and which policies would actually have a real impact on them. 

The second episode will see GK talking to former Labour spin doctor and The Rest is Politics podcaster Alastair Campbell.

GK Barry said: “I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for in next month’s General Election but I am going to vote – I’ve always voted but loads of my mates don’t bother and this time round I want it to be different.

“My mind is blown that 18 – 24-year-olds think voting in a reality TV show will make more of a difference than voting in election so over the next month I’m going to make it my mission to make my generation turn out.”

Lucie Cave, Chief Creative Officer for Bauer Media Audio UK added: “Ridiculously excited to welcome GK Barry to the Bauer Media Audio family. She’s the perfect person to be making the General Election make sense for young people across the UK and partnering with KISS means that we can really amplify that message and reach those voters that the mainstream political agenda just isn’t reaching.”

The Turnout is a Bauer Media Audio UK production and will be supported across the KISS radio network, with the first episode available Tuesday 11 June on the Planet Radio website.

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