New actual play podcast I Seduce the Dragon launches

I Seduce the Dragon is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast with a focus on the chemistry of the cast as they build a story together.

Hosted by dungeon master and film sound mixer Jess Parks, who is joined by players including porn star Ryan Keely, aerospace engineer Cristina Van Epps, executive mum Dana Scarborough, and lawyer-turned-cowgirl Vanessa Flanders, the podcast takes on tabletop gaming from a hilariously high femme perspective.

I Seduce the Dragon is a real game, produced and sound-designed with the non-player in mind by offering a fun and accessible entry point to the popular role-playing game, to engage those who are new to the genre with the saucy antics of its all-female cast.

“I’m really excited for listeners to experience D&D in a way that is approachable- especially for those who are new to TTRPGS,” says cast member Dana Scarborough, who plays Gentry Rose Bittercreek Dumont.

When asked about the goals of this podcast, Dana adds: “I think it’s really easy to be intimidated by how many professional players there are now and how elaborate those worlds are.

“I admire those creators. But I hope that our listeners hear us and are inspired to get some friends together and just play. That’s ultimately what we are: a group of friends playing a game of pretend together and making jokes.”

I Seduce the Dragon is a bi-weekly actual play D&D podcast that requires absolutely no prior knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons and is available on all podcast distribution platforms, with exclusive premium content and early-release episodes accessible on Patreon for members and subscribers.

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