Positive News and Crowd Network bring the good news that matters

The Positive News Podcast will offer rigorous journalism about what’s going right in the world.

In doing so, Positive News, the media outlet that’s breaking the bad news bias, partnering with Crowd Network, wants to help give people a fuller picture of reality while supporting their wellbeing.

The podcast is its first venture into the audio space, where balanced and uplifting conversations will celebrate the people, communities and organisations that are making the world a better place.

It launches with a six-part series called Developing Mental Wealth, which uncovers the different ways that communities are dealing with mental health issues in parts of the world where circumstances can be the most challenging.

Hosted by medical doctor Radha Modgil and journalist Seyi Rhodes, the podcast travels from Guatemala to Nigeria, Peru to Zimbabwe and beyond, to meet people on the ground who are coming up with practical solutions and having a powerful effect on the wellbeing of others.

Seán Wood, CEO of Positive News said: “As people increasingly avoid the news because of its effect on their mood, our podcast offers an inspiring new way to stay engaged in topical issues.

“Crowd Network have been fantastic partners, translating our ‘solutions journalism’ approach so effectively into audio form, where we’re covering problems but focusing on the positive responses.

“For our launch series, The Crowd Network team have created rich and unique content, with our warm and perceptive hosts, Seyi and Radha, bringing out fascinating insights into the ways that people in economically developing countries are dealing with mental health challenges. It adds a powerful new dimension to our uplifting journalism.”

Samantha Psyk, Head of Crowd Stories added: “As an admirer of Positive News’ journalism, it’s been a delight to collaborate with them on their first podcast.

“We hope listeners will feel inspired and uplifted by these amazing stories brought to life through audio. Seyi and Radha are the perfect hosts to offer helpful and thoughtful insights, reflecting on what we can all learn from these innovative mental health solutions.

“With episodes each Friday, we hope to send people into their weekend with a bit more spring in their step!

The Positive News Podcast launches today, Friday 7 June on most podcast platforms.

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